Friday, March 31, 2017

12 days in...

Sorry for the length between posts, but I have been super busy in life! Kyle and I are 12 days into our Plexus use.

We are currently taking Slim, ProBio, BioCleanse, and X Factor. I had some huge issues with Slim at first, because it came with a weird metallic after taste for me. From what I read, this is kind of the process of removing heavy metals from the body. I have been mixing it with just a few ounces of water, downing it like a shot, then chewing a piece of gum or a Mento afterword. This has helped me get past the metallic taste. I am sure to drink plenty of water in between that as well. I don't have a problem drinking lots of water, since I gave up soda, juice, and other sweet drinks years ago when I was pregnant with my almost 13 year old. Sometimes I crave an A & W Rootbeer, but I can only drink about half a can before it's too sweet.

Any way, on to the biggest issue I've been having and this is going to be a total overshare: diarrhea. It seemed random at first, but it always hits a few minutes after I eat. It has not been a fun experience, but I am going to back off the BioCleanse for a bit and see if it helps. I've been chatting with my "sponsor" but friend really, Sarah, about it and she suggests taking one or two at night with the probio. I am going to stop it completely for a day or two, then reintroduce it in that way. We will see.

I have not seen any different in weight loss, and I am not sure about energy. I have been so busy at work and home, that I have been pretty exhausted. In January I went from working part time to full time, and it's a job that I have to be really individually motivated to get things done. I am working as the graphic designer, phone answerer, web designer, event planner, and office administrator of the church office on top of worship pastor duties. It's been a huge change, but I enjoy it. But once Thursday comes (my "work week" is from Saturday night to Thursday), I am exhausted mentally and physically. As someone who is more of a learned extrovert, my energy sources are extremely low by the time Thursday afternoon comes around. The one thing that has made a huge different is working out, but I did two hours of Zumba on Monday, and have had stomach issues since, that I haven't been going. I will get back to it next week. We've also been so busy my eating has not been the greatest, so I know that needs some work as well.

So here we are. Trying to get and stay healthy is the goal. I have two parents with type two diabetes, and I have metabolic syndrome which is a kind of precurser to pre-diabetes. I don't want to get to the pre-diabetes stage at all. I am really hoping I can get control of this soon! Thanks for reading friends!

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