Friday, March 31, 2017

12 days in...

Sorry for the length between posts, but I have been super busy in life! Kyle and I are 12 days into our Plexus use.

We are currently taking Slim, ProBio, BioCleanse, and X Factor. I had some huge issues with Slim at first, because it came with a weird metallic after taste for me. From what I read, this is kind of the process of removing heavy metals from the body. I have been mixing it with just a few ounces of water, downing it like a shot, then chewing a piece of gum or a Mento afterword. This has helped me get past the metallic taste. I am sure to drink plenty of water in between that as well. I don't have a problem drinking lots of water, since I gave up soda, juice, and other sweet drinks years ago when I was pregnant with my almost 13 year old. Sometimes I crave an A & W Rootbeer, but I can only drink about half a can before it's too sweet.

Any way, on to the biggest issue I've been having and this is going to be a total overshare: diarrhea. It seemed random at first, but it always hits a few minutes after I eat. It has not been a fun experience, but I am going to back off the BioCleanse for a bit and see if it helps. I've been chatting with my "sponsor" but friend really, Sarah, about it and she suggests taking one or two at night with the probio. I am going to stop it completely for a day or two, then reintroduce it in that way. We will see.

I have not seen any different in weight loss, and I am not sure about energy. I have been so busy at work and home, that I have been pretty exhausted. In January I went from working part time to full time, and it's a job that I have to be really individually motivated to get things done. I am working as the graphic designer, phone answerer, web designer, event planner, and office administrator of the church office on top of worship pastor duties. It's been a huge change, but I enjoy it. But once Thursday comes (my "work week" is from Saturday night to Thursday), I am exhausted mentally and physically. As someone who is more of a learned extrovert, my energy sources are extremely low by the time Thursday afternoon comes around. The one thing that has made a huge different is working out, but I did two hours of Zumba on Monday, and have had stomach issues since, that I haven't been going. I will get back to it next week. We've also been so busy my eating has not been the greatest, so I know that needs some work as well.

So here we are. Trying to get and stay healthy is the goal. I have two parents with type two diabetes, and I have metabolic syndrome which is a kind of precurser to pre-diabetes. I don't want to get to the pre-diabetes stage at all. I am really hoping I can get control of this soon! Thanks for reading friends!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It has begun.

After what seemed like forever after ordering (it was only about a week and a half), we received our package from Plexus yesterday. We ordered the Plexus Slim package (two of them), Bio cleanse (2), Pro Bio (2), and we got an XFactor (1), with the deal. The total was $255.23... ouch! (As an ambassador). This is a sacrifice for our family to spend this much on something "extra," but Kyle and I both need to sacrifice to help alleviate the health issues we are having. And we hope to share our results with others and help others find answers to their health issues as well.

Last night I drank my first Plexus Slim. I didn't add enough water, so it was really sweet and gross. I added some more water and it was more drinkable. I am not very fond of the slightly metallic aftertaste (kind of tastes like meat). I am not a fan, but it's not so bad it's worth not taking.

Before lunch today my husband commented that the flavor tastes like a cherry tootsie pop, and it's so true! I added a small lemon wedge to the drink today, and that really helped balance the super sweet flavor. I haven't had any issues taking the pills, I just set a reminder in my phone. I have started this journey at 224 pounds, doing Zumba on Monday nights for an hour, lifting arms on Mondays for an hour, and legs on Thursday's. I carry about 20% more muscle mass than the average woman, so I will never be "petite" and I don't want to be. When I felt my healthiest I was around 145-160 pounds, and I would love to get to that range for a goal. I will always be a curvy girl and I am totally okay with that! I really just want to be healthy and happy, and I want my body to move and do the things I want it to do. So here we go... I pray this will be a useful tool in that journey.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Plexus and Seeking Help

I'm writing this after struggling with my weight for the last six years or so. I'm tired of feeling heavy, having no energy, and living a sedentary life. But I am also just tired. I have four kids, a full time job, and my husband has some pretty bad health issues that we can't find answers for. So this is why we're trying Plexus.

To be honest, I don't really believe all the hype from friends about it. That is nice, I know. I love my friends, and I know they have had good experiences with Plexus, but that doesn't mean it will work for me or Kyle. Kyle's health issues have been gone over by multiple doctors, in multiple states, by multiple specialists. We're both tired of getting our hopes up, just to have them come crashing around the ground. We are skeptics, to say the least. We will see if it works.

Our shipment is supposed to get here on Monday. I am looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. I need to start working on giving up the sugar again, although every time I go through it, it seems to get harder the next time. I  am not sure how people live their whole lives eating clean. I CRAVE THINGS. Ice cream. Cookies. Bread. These are things I enjoy. I don't eat a whole lot of chips, oreo's, or store bought junk. Not what I like, when I am going to choose to eat something "bad." I choose the three first mentioned things before this paragraph. I just have a problem limiting those things to normal amounts, and I forget about the amount I ate. Or I get too busy to care. And it all goes down the drain. I'm just being honest.

My metabolic specialist says I am a very healthy person, but I haven't been eating right for about four months now. I can feel the difference it makes in my energy levels and my thinking, but we have been so busy, and the task of getting back on track seems so monumental, I just shrug my shoulders and keep going. So Plexus is our "something we hope we don't have to think about as much" plan. If we can go from meal planning three meals a day to only having to plan one or two, I believe it will help Kyle and I both stay on track with a more manageable plan.

Well, I have to go now. Say a prayer for us as we begin this journey on Monday. Hopefully. It is the post office after all!