Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Hope of Christmas.

I cannot wait for God’s kingdom to come. It’s more than just heaven, more than just eternity with Christ, more than seeing those I have loved and lost, and more than being able to forever worship the Father face to face. What I long for, what I weep for, what I yearn for in the coming Kingdom is to see broken hearts healed. I want to see stomach’s full, bodies that have never starved, hands that are never broken, minds untouched by sin. I want to see men and women living out holy, godly lives, in loving and caring families.

I want to see children who have never been hurt, who have never been sexually/physically/emotionally abused. I want to see animals living together in perfect harmony with one another and the world. I yearn for the time when people care about the earth not because we worship the created, but because we worship the Creator and want to take care of the good things He has given us. I want to see the end of poverty, cancer, disease, war, and all suffering that takes place so consistently on this earth. I want to see the life of peace in the new hope of Christ’s glorious return to live on earth for eternity with us, reigning and transforming and renewing and redeeming all of creation under the mighty power and work of the Holy Spirit. I want to see the potential of people’s lives lived to the fullest in light of who God created them to be.

This is what I am reminded of during the Christmas season. This is the hope I long for, the joy I find in serving others, the peace I feel in the presence of God and the love I know the Lord has for all of us. This is the Holy Spirit living, moving and breathing in us now, so that we can continue to move toward fully giving ourselves over to God in every part of our lives so that one day, we can see the fullness of the Kingdom of God reigning on earth. 
Most importantly, God promised to do all of this and more than we could ever think or imagine. This is my hope. This is my peace. That in the end, God's love will reign, redemption will renew us all, and we will return to what we were originally created to be and do. 

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