Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lord, Show us the Way

I must preface this blog post with the fact that I am not a poet... and have never been. But I love to write and as I was walking from dropping my son off at school the same refrain kept playing in my head. Lord, show us the way. With every step of my foot, more words kept coming. So I am writing them down. I hope they help your faith today as they did mine. 

Lord, Show us the Way
We cannot see what’s coming
Not sure how things can change.
Yet we have seen in the past that
You have moved in every stage.
The money is not there
The time is always gone.
And somehow things still come out
Better than we could ask for.
We remember the times you have saved us
The times you have answered prayer
Our doubting hearts are troubled
Not seeing what you have in store
Not sure what step to take from here
Or where you want us to go
Lord, all we can ask you is to
Show us the way.
It may not come today
May not come next week
It may not be what we think we need
But you, we always seek.
Help us to be faithful
Even when we are weak
Hold us, guide us, shape us
Until we know it is you

Lord, show us the way. 

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