Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ready? Set? Go! Arequipa, Peru!

Hi everyone! This is Valerie, and as many of you know, I am a student at Northwest Nazarene University getting a degree in Christian Ministry with a minor in Family Ministry. I look forward to graduating in spring of 2014, but to do that I must complete a mission’s trip.
Even before I knew that it was a requirement of the degree program, I felt God calling me to go on a mission’s trip, but I had never had an opportunity to do so with four little ones at home. Kyle was able to go to Arequipa, Peru in summer of 2011, and had an incredible experience promoting, ministering, and experiencing over 6,000 people come to Christ.
This summer is my first opportunity to go on a mission’s trip and I cannot be more excited! I am registered to go to Arequipa, Peru with Extreme South America from July 10th through July 24th to continue the work that Kyle and Lebanon Church of the Nazarene and many others, began during their time there. The biggest need that I have is prayer. Would each of you be in prayer before, during, and after the time I am in Peru? I am also working on fundraising for the trip, with the first expense being the cost of my plane ticket which is around $800-1,000.00 depending on the time frame of purchase. Outside of that, the cost for the trip is around $2000.00. I already have the deposit paid, and am now raising funds for the rest of the cost for the trip. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Included in this letter are ways that you can give.
If you are able and willing to give to help support the evangelism efforts in Arequipa, Peru, please send checks to my home address, but made out to Extreme Ministries. 

Please make all checks out to Extreme Ministries. 

My address is:
552 West Orchard Ave. 
Hermiston, OR 97838

Your prayer and generosity is greatly appreciated! 
Thank you for your time,

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