Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflections on Christmas

Christians indignantly declaring, “Merry Christmas.”

Posts on popular media websites saying, “Jesus is the reason for the Season.”

Atheists angrily insisting that public places should not have any Christmas decorations.

It seems to me that both sides of this argument have made Christmas less about Jesus and more about whatever political agenda they have in this country. Do not get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love the lights, the trees, hot cocoa, and the way my kids anticipate Christmas morning, but I do not like the way Christian’s use Christmas as an opportunity to stand up for an angry Jesus that insists He is King.

And yet, the way this King was born was nothing but humble, nothing but low, and had nothing to do with declaring His divinity to the world. He was born in a very dirty, unclean place. Everything about Jesus’ birth was less about being a King, and more about being our Savior. Jesus never seemed concerned with proving himself; He just was. Jesus’ life was not one lived as a King, and yet was the mostly King-ly life ever lived. I wonder what Jesus would think of this brand of Christianity that obstinately insists that they are right while everyone else is wrong and going to hell if they don’t agree?

Christmas should be our opportunity to show the world the love, grace, peace, and hope that is in Jesus Christ. That we celebrate His birth because of what He has done for us, because He is good. If we are not showing His goodness to the world during the Christmas season, and instead using our own brand of judgment to tell everyone else that doesn’t believe in Him that they are wrong,  we are not really showing Jesus to the world. It is not our place to fight for political equality in Christ’s name. Instead, it is our mission to share the Good News with a world ridden with only bad news. 

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