Monday, October 1, 2012

Why I go to church.

I go to church. I like church. I really enjoy the people there, even if I may not get along with them all the time. It’s okay. Why? Because I do not walk away from my blood relations every time we disagree. I have argued and disagreed with my family over the years, but they are still my family. I love them regardless of whether or not we see eye to eye on things all of the time.
Some things are hard to do… some things, even though they are hard, are worth it. God tells us to live in community with the fellowship of believers (read the book of Acts if you don’t believe me). Yet, many times Christians forego going to Church because it can be hard. They seek to find a church that meets their needs, their family’s needs, or has a certain style of worship. But are any of these a good reason? What is the best reason for going to church?

My answer, although it will not be a popular one, is obedience. As adults, we expect our children to obey us, but we like to think we make our own choices. We have to show respect and work hard at our jobs, but when it comes to our personal lives we answer to no one but ourselves and maybe our spouses. We like to think we can make decisions independently of all outside influence, and it does not really matter if anyone disagrees with us, we do not really care.
But what if we should go to church, because doing so is being obedient to the one who created us? 

What if, as adults, God is asking us to be obedient, because the Lord knows what is best for us? Just as Jesus said in Luke 18:17, we must receive the Kingdom of God with the faith of a child. As parents, we know how important direct obedience from our children is. It is not because we like to hold our authority over them, but because we know what is best for them. WE know what keeps them safe, happy, and healthy. It is the same for God. The Lord knows where bad choices will take us, how they will distance us from relationship with Him, and how broken we can be in the end.

It is not easy to obey. It is not easy to be faithful in the midst of our misunderstandings, but God is asking us to do just that. If we are truly worshipping the God of the Bible, it comes with direct obedience to His will. 

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