Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teach Our Sons

We need to teach our sons:
The difference between women who will give them what the world says they want
And women who value themselves enough to expect marriage
That no matter what people say
All men are not stupid.
All men are not liars.
All men are not just “interested in one thing.”
That they do not have to give in to the desires of the flesh.
That to be Holy is more important than being happy.
That working hard and providing for their families is for their benefit as well.
That being a man is a good thing.
That how they treat their mothers is often indicative of how they will treat their wives.
That being active, energetic, curious, and spontaneous can be good things.
That the women of the world need their strength, stability, grace and love more than they even realize.
And most of all, that they were created to be fully loved, in the grace and power of the One who can redeem and justify them to the fullness of humanity, for the glorious work that God is doing in the world through Jesus Christ the Son and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

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