Thursday, August 16, 2012

Black, White, and Grey

I hear many Christian people talk a lot about having the “right” to say whatever they believe, regardless of what that means to the person they are speaking against.
Many Christians seem more interested in sharing these beliefs than living them, and it makes me wonder what we are missing. Jesus didn’t say, “The greatest Commandment is to go out and tell everyone what you believe.” He in fact said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Does that include being obnoxious and insistent that what I believe is superior to everyone and everything else, and if you don’t believe it, you are going to Hell?

This does not sound like Good News to me. Good News is just that, GOOD. It does not hurt or wound people, it draws them in. It romances, courts, and moves them into a loving relationship with God. When fear is involved in the decision of whether or not to live in relationship with God, we are not sharing “Good News.”

As the political power of the fundamental right changes and slowly slips from their fingers, they will get louder and louder about how much of what they are saying is “biblical.” But the problem is, in the postmodern culture, the Bible is not the end of all truth within the world. Postmodern people think that truth can be found through relationships, experiences, and traditions that we take part in. The implicit change this needs to bring to how the Church teaches Biblical truth is we have to show them how Biblical truth applies to the experiences, relationships, and traditions they have. We cannot do this by preaching to them each Sunday; we can only do this through living in relationship with them. Just getting someone into the Church is not going to be enough in generations that question what it means to know what is truth and what is not. It has to be lived out, in and among them, for them to begin to understand.

Let us begin to navigate what it means to live a Holy life ourselves, in loving relationship with God and with others, and for this to become more important than yelling about what we believe to people that have heard it before and do not care. If we do not find a way to live truth in the world, we will lose the postmodern generations that do not view truth as black and white. Let’s start diving into the grey area and helping those that are in it navigate it with the power of the Holy Spirit in and among them. 

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