Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Broken Church

Let’s stop and take a minute to think about what it means to accept all within the church. Today in church, a girl with three small boys was there. I have chatted with her a few times, and she just started coming in the last few weeks. As we were chatting, she must have said at least four swear words in the five minutes we were talking. Was it surprising to me? Somewhat, but not for the reasons most people would assume.

It does not surprise me that she swore at church. I honestly did not even bat an eye. I was more thankful that she felt comfortable enough with me, as a new friend, to completely be herself in church. She did not feel like she had to be perfect to be there, have her life all together, or pretend to be someone else. She was comfortable coming to church broken, hurting, and in all her wounded glory. And there is glory in that.

When did the Church become a place that people feel they need to have it all together, to be a part of it? I have heard from other people that say, “Oh, I can’t go to the gym until I loose ten pounds.” That is ridiculous! We go to the gym to lose weight, not the other way around. People have a similar attitude with sin. They think they are not permitted in church unless they are not sinning anymore, and it is sad to me that people think that. Church people pretend to have it all together, and do not share their struggles and heartaches unless they have already come through them. Often their testimonies are all about things that have happened in the past, that God has brought them through, but can we start testifying as we are going through them? God is still good when we are broken. He is still Holy while we are hurting, and He is still God when we do not feel His presence.

Let us start sharing our brokenness more than we share our victories… perhaps people would then feel more comfortable coming to the Church in those broken times. 

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